The Fibo Machne Pro reviewFibo Machine Review –The Fibo Machine is a Scam or Not?

The Fibo Machine is a trading system that generates alerts based on the popular Fibonacci Ratios and delivers them via email, visually, or on-screen. The indicator shows Stop-Loss, Entry, and 3 Take Profit levels

Forex System Review: Fibo Machine

□ Platform: MetaTrader-4

Markets: Forex Currencies in Multiple TimeFrames

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Fibo Machine Review -The Fibo Machine Pro for MT4

Fibo Machine Pro is a Metatrader-4 indicator that is programmed to recognize entry/exit signals based on smart Fibonacci levels. The trading signals include a wide variety of timeframes but most importantly M15 to H1.

In order to install the indicator, you need basic knowledge of the platform MT4.


How it Works

After you apply the Fibo Machine Pro in any chart, it calculates automatically the main Fibonacci levels and then generates three colorful levels that are displayed visually on chartThese 3 colorful lines represent Entry, Stop-loss, and 3 Take Profit levels.

The 3 Take-Profit Levels Explained

  • Safe Take Profit: This level is more suitable for beginners, it offers the safest and controlled trading approach
  • Medium Take Profit: Natural progression from the safe take profit level
  • Aggressive Take Profit: This is the riskiest approach


Fibo Machine Algorithm

The Fibo Machine system combines algorithms with the Fibonacci ratios to generate specific signal levels. The Fibo Machine Pro indicator is designed to work on M15, M30, H1, and H4.

The System's Alert System

The Fibo Machine Pro includes a customizable alert system:

  • On-screen alert with sound

  • Email Alerts

  • Mobile Push Notification

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Fibo Machine Customer Support

The Fibo Machne Pro Alert SystemCustomer support is available for all members. There is full customer support for setting up the indicator but also for using it.

  • email support



Fibo Machine Pros & Cons:

(✓) Fibo Machine Pros

  1. Fibo Machine is an easy-to-use Forex Trading System. No matter the level of your experience you may start using the Fibo Machine instantly. Fibo Machine emphasizes on simplicity and traders can use it without having advanced technical analysis skills
  2. Plug & Play indicator
  3. Offers Entry, Stop-loss, and 3 Take Profit levels
  4. Good for beginners and semi-advanced traders


(X) Fibo Machine Cons

  1. Fibo Machine does not provide an automated copier, as it is purely a manual trading system
  2. Advanced traders may find the Fibo Machine too simplistic


Fibo Machine Review Conclusions

The Fibo Machine is a simple trading system based on the Fibonacci numbers and ratios. The system runs on MetaTrader-4 and requires no learning curve. The indicator shows trade direction plus Entry, Stop-loss, and 3 Take Profit levels. In overall, it is good for beginners and semi-advanced traders, but not for advanced traders and above. The Fibo Machine Pro costs $87 for unlimited use

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Fibo Machine Review –Fibo Machine Scam or Not?